• SMLtoJs IDE is a Standard ML compiler running in a browser. The IDE is based on SMLtoJs, a Standard ML to JavaScript compiler. The IDE also uses the Dojo framework as the basis for the IDE GUI widgets and the Dropbox Datastore API for allowing users to store their data in Dropbox. The IDE also uses CodeMirror as the foundation for the Standard ML editor features, including syntax-highligting.


  • SMLtoJs is a Standard ML to JavaScript compiler, which allows programmers to enjoy the power of Standard ML static typing, higher-order functions, pattern matching, and modules for programming client-side web applications. SMLtoJs compiles all of Standard ML, including most of the Standard ML Basis Library. It also has support for calling JavaScript functions and for executing plain JavaScript.


  • SMLserver is a Web server plugin for the Apache Web server. SMLserver makes it possible to write dynamic Web applications using your favorite programming language without sacrificing efficiency and scalability of your Web service. SMLserver includes the possibility of accessing a variety of different relational database management systems (RDBMSs), such as Oracle and Postgresql.