Current Maintainer

Previous Contributors

  • Niels Hallenberg (Main developer of region profiling support and co-developer of foreign function interface, x86 backend, bytecode backend, and of combining GC and regions)

  • Carsten Varming (Developer)

  • Mads Tofte (Main architect of adding region support to the MLKit, co-developer of MLKit version 1)

  • Lars Birkedal (Co-developer of region runtime system and various region representation analyses, co-developer of MLKit version 1)

  • Peter Bertelsen (Generalization of storage mode analysis)

  • Tommy Højfeld Olesen (Transition to SML’97, implementation of pattern match compilation, and many other things)

  • Nick Rothwell (Co-developer of MLKit version 1)

  • Peter Sestoft (Generalization of storage mode analysis; Basis Library Implementation from Moscow ML)

  • David N. Turner (Co-developer of MLKit version 1)