If you find a bug, not listed below, please contribute with an issue on the Github page containing information about how the bug can be reproduced.

Known Bugs and Limitations

Arithmetic and Trigonometric Functions in Math Module.
The implementation uses the C functions specified in math.h. Unfortunately, these C functions are platform dependent and do not always return NaN precisely when the Basis Library stipulates that they should.
Polymorphic Equality.
Polymorphic equality is implemented only for “regular” data types. A datatype binding tyvarseq_1 tycon_1 = conbind_1 AND … AND tvseq_n tycon_n = conbind_n is regular iff all occurrences of tycon_i, i \in {1,…,n} in {conbind_1, …, conbind_n} are on the form tyvarseq_i tycon_i.